Another Lovely Day at the ER

So… my sister Clare and I spent about 10 hours at the ER with my Mom today. I had been up all night with Mom since she fell getting out of bed and kept trying to repeat the same act.

At the ER: Why is reality never like the TV version? There was no Noah Wiley or George Clooney types walking around being charming. There no beautiful Grey’s Anatomy-type lady doctors playing hanky-panky in supply closets. I would of been stoked just to to see a young nerdy Zach Braff doctor lumbering around. No luck.

Our quiet day included CT scans, blood work, EKG’s and a lot of waiting. The staff were all very professional, courteous and non-excitable.  Not once did anyone yell things like  “Code Blue” or “Get me a CBC, Chem 7 and CT stat!”

The highlight of our day was the company we had in the waiting room. Gracious friends Louise and JB helped us get Mom to the ER and waited around with us until we got called in. JB even gave Mom a wheelchair tour when she got bored. Some friends are just unbelievably kind.

After Mom had fallen twice within in 12 hours, the goal was to find out why her dementia increased and  her ability to walk or stand decreased. She barely sleeps and can hardly swallow her meds so we feared another stroke. Her doctor suspects a mild heart attack, a total surprise to us.

At around 7pm Mom finally got admitted and we  headed upstairs to get her settled. After a few bags of IV fluids, meds and the mention of a hot meal, she actually smiled and looked comfortable for the first time in days. That’s a big deal because she’s refused food for the past couple of weeks.

Mom will be spending a couple of days at Kaiser while doctors confirm her diagnosis and determine the best course of action. The evening ended with meeting nurses Nadine and Elvira who would be caring for my mom tonight. Clare said  she felt like she was in a country song- “Stand by your Mom….”

Tomorrow’s tasks include jumping through the Medi-Cal hoops and finding a suitable nursing home. If anyone has any tips on not getting through unscathed, I am wide open!

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