Curriculum & Equipment


Available Curriculum:

  • Sewing 101: Sewing tools, understanding fabric, cutting, sewing with a machine.
  • Serger 101: Use a serger to finish inside seams for a professional look and durability.OSSteampunk
  • Clothing Construction without Patterns: Copy your favorite clothing without ever using a pattern.
  • Patterns 101: If you want to use a pattern, learn how to read and follow a paper pattern.
  • Machine Use and Maintenance: I can help you get to know your machine. Lessons include troubleshooting and cleaning your machine.
  • Zippers Made Easier: Install zippers into any garment the easy way.
  • Repair/Alterations: Easily repair or alter that pile of ‘mending’ or ‘wrong-size’ clothing taking up spice in your closet.
  • Original Design: Get inspired by sketching, combining styles and learn how to let the fabric design the garment for you.
  • Gifts and Home Decor: Make unique hats, bags, toys, pillows, curtains, blankets and home decor with fabric or reclaimed materials.
  • Obtainium Mining Field Trip; How to find great fabric and raw materials at thrift stores.

Burning Man & Costume Design: 

  • Faux-Fur 101: Make fur hats, suits, coats, tails, vests or leg warmers.
  • Steampunk Design:  Make Punk pants, shorts, pirate shirts, vests, bloomers, skirts, bustles and suspenders out of thrift-store finds.
  • Designing with Reclaimed Fabrics and Clothing:  Use old clothing or thrift-store fabrics, bed sheets or table cloths to create one-of-a-kind styles.

Equipment and Supplies provided:

  • Sewing machines & replacement needles
  • Industrial sewing machines (for leather, canvas, outdoor)
  • Serger machines
  • Adjustable bust form
  • Threads of all colors
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutters and matts
  • Pins & needles
  • Tape measures
  • Practice fabrics
  • Notions: zippers, buttons, closures, etc.
  • Large selection of Upcycled fabrics and materials
  • Pattern library
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