Obtainium Crew Sepia

This photo is of my beloved crew at Obtainium Works, who constantly inspire me.
Photo Credit: Bruce Morton,




My own photographs:

I love rust. It never apologizes for it’s rugged beauty.

Rocks. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved rocks, collected them and cherished their individual personalities.

Boots. My favorite boots have traveled many places with me. They love new adventures.

Fire. I’m mesmerized by fire and the way it dances.

Landscapes. Scenic views always catch my eye, so I try to capture them when I can.

Black Rock Desert. It’s a dangerous and dramatic place during the summer storm months.

Ice Sculpture. I shot this series of an ice sculpture at the Rellik Tavern in Benicia. It was beautiful as it melted and changed.

Greens. This series of photos is an ongoing project. I love all shades of green so I collect it when I can.

Fall. The Autumn color along Tahoe’s West shore enticed me to pull over and shoot these.

Train Ride. Scenes the Train through the Sierra Mountains and Sacramento Valley

Sierra Valley. Driving the rugged ranch lands north-west of Tahoe was somber and beautiful.

Tahoe. North Lake Tahoe is layered with beauty with grace. 

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