BMORG on Feathers

In the July 20 edition of JRS, Feathers were addressed:

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While the ‘be responsible’ message is spot-on… it seems this JRS post was heard as ‘feathers are okay ‘. I know this, because this is what I heard while searching vehicles at GATE. I’d ask, “Do you have any fireworks, firearms, dogs, plants or feathers”. The answer was always “no”. Then when I’d find a feather outfit in an RV, the participant would say, “Jack Rabbit said feathers are allowed”.

In 2014, I personally saw more feathers being worn on the playa than ever before. Subsequently our Earth Guardian MOOP and Trash Fence teams found more feathers on playa than last year. Clearly the ‘be responsible for your feathers’ message did not work.

When I gently confronted feather-wearers at our bar in Earth Guardians, I was met with  Radical-Self-Entitlement… everything from “I’ve been wearing feathers here for 4 burns”, to “JRS said it was okay”. Then feather-wearers would boldly ask me for a drink. I finally made a “NO FEATHER ZONE” sign for the bar.

BMIROn burn night, DJ Tumbleweed was kind enough to host a discussion about feathers between songs. We invited burners to come speak their mind, whether pro or con feathers on BMIR. It was an interesting debate. Feather-wearers were confident that they could keep their feathers from becoming MOOP. Anti-feather burners felt that feathers become MOOP, so it’s best to have none.

I’d like to continue this debate so please give us your two cents. I’d love to hear from burners, Restoration, DPW, Virgin burners, playa Fashionistas, Sparkle Ponies, members of BMORG as well as LNT experts. Let’s find a solution together.

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