about judi

Judi Morales Meyer (a.k.a. Judes): Upcycle Indie-designer,  Sewing & Art Instructor, Upcycle Consultant

Judi has been sewing, designing and making art for 40 years, with a focus on using upcycled materials. She finds beauty in naturally aged patinas, especially rust, and the craftsmanship and history of vintage artifacts.

Judi’s mediums include Encaustic painting (hot beeswax), Steampunk clothing made from old clothing and reclaimed textiles, and making succulent gardens out of reclaimed wood.

Teaching and empowering others to make things, is Judi’s joy. Guerilla Upcycled Sewing is Judi’s radical way of sewing without patterns using upcycled fabrics. Judi believes sewing should be fun instead intimidating or complicated, so she specialize in teaching beginner workshops at the Truckee Roundhouse Maker Space.

July 2019 Aim High

Art  & Sewing Instructor for Kids: Judi teaches Kid’s Maker Lab camps at Truckee Roundhouse,  as well as classes for the Boys and Girls Club and the Aim High summer workshops for teens.

Her classes are based on Eco Art principals of using upcycled materials, student-imagined designs and the use of a variety of tools that encourage critical thinking. With the loss of classes like woodshop and art in schools, Judi saw the need for kids to learn to use tools and explore their creativity. Her experience as a Respite Care provider for children with developmental disabilities, taught her the importance of creative play.


As a journalist, Judi has written for Benicia Patch , the Burning Man Journal and eHow.com. Her blog includes essays about adventures in upcycling and making things from scratch, as well as real life challenges of family, mental health and finding humor in everyday life. Judi’s love of satire, irony and comedy is reflected in her writings. 

With strong roots in Vallejo, (Bay Area), Judi lives full time in Kings Beach (North Lake Tahoe). 

8 Replies to “about judi”

  1. Judy you are my hero! I love the phase, “never to late to have a great childhood” It is my goal in life. Miss seeing you, are you still at TJ’s in Benica?

    xx Kim

  2. Hey Judi!! So much fun yesterday in Benicia!! Thanks for including Tom and I!! I have misplaced your card… So… Could I get your phone number again?? So glad our lives crossed!! Love your stuff’n

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