How to Vend

Are you a maker? Do you want to start a small business and sell your creations at shows, events and online? I can help.

Below is a free outline on How to Vend.

Step 1: Business Name
Step 2: Business License
Step 3: Obtain a Seller’s Permit for Sales Tax
Step 4: Set up Payment Services
Step 5: Sales, Expenses and Sales Tax Tracking
Step 6: Online Presence
Step 7: Business Cards
Step 8: Booth Signage
Step 9: Large Booth Gear
Step 10: Event Gear
Step 11: Shade Structure for Outdoor Events
Step 12: Book Events
Step 13: Recruit Help
Step 14: Price Tags
Step 15: Price Your Goods
Step 16: Plan Ahead
Step 17: Manage Expectations

I also offer private consultations on:

  • Business Philosophy & Brand
  • Vending Online
  • Marketing Materials Design
  • Signage Making
  • Profit & Loss Tracking
  • Income Tax Responsibility

Contact us for more information and rates.

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