DIY Upcycled Reusable Mailer

Hey Makers! We can make an impact on excessive disposable packaging, by using Reusable Mailers made from Upcycled packaging. I typically use heavy plastic pet-food bags, zipper pouches and chip bags. This is also a great way to use up scrap fabric.

Make an envelope mailer:

You will need:
* Clean waterproof plastic package. Wash with dish soap to remove any food or oil residue.
* Craft scissors (don’t sacrifice your fabric scissors)
* Ruler and cutting matt
* Pins or tiny binder clips
* Sharpie
* Sewing machine with a size 11 ballpoint needle. Sewing plastic is easier with a small sharp needle.
* Clear packing tape

Step 1:
* Cut open the bag and lay it out to determine how big you want it. This bag had a shiny inside, so I turned it inside out.
* Use cutting matt, ruler and sharpie to draw straight edges.
* Cut the edges so they are clean and square.

Step 2:
* Plastic is slippery, so the machine’s dog-feed won’t be able to advance the material. Lowering the pressure foot as low as possible will help, but you will need to guide the plastic manually. .
* Topstitch a hem on the top and bottom edges. I like to use a wide zigzag stitch.

Step 3:
* Fold the material like a giant envelope, with the back longer by 1/4.
* Pin or clip the edges so you can sew them closed.

Step 4:
* Sew the edges together, leaving the flap.
* Trim the sewn edges to keep it tidy.

Step 5:
* Add a piece of clear packing tape to the outside of flap’s edge. This is how you will seal the package.
* Insert contents and seal the flap with the packing tape.
* Add mailing labels and postage.

Make a zipper pouch mailer

Step 1:
Obtain a heavy zippered pouch and wash the inside with dish soap to remove any residue.

Step 2:
* Cut a piece of upcycled or scrap fabric to cover the the package as close to the edge as possible. I like using pinking shears to create a fun edge that won’t fray too much.
* If you plan to add a permanent label, simply laminate one side of the label with packing tape. Trim the excess tape and sew the label to the fabric piece. I made my labels with a custom rubber stamp and, the inside of used business envelopes.

Step 3:
* Pin or clip the edges together.
* Carefully sew the fabric around the edges of the pouch.
* When you sew the top, make sure to not sew through the zipper top so it’s functional. It’s challenging to be patient.
* Insert contents, zip the pouch closed and seal with packing tape.

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