DIY Upcycled Layered Candles

Use old candle pieces, reclaimed candles and upcycled glass contained to make these colorful candles.



Expect to spend about 30 minutes for set-up, 30 minutes for clean-up and about an two hours to make 5-10 candles.


  • $5 for Thrift Store candles, or request them on Freecycle.
  • $5 for candle wicks, available online or at craft stores

What you need:


  • Old candles, available from garage sales, Thrift Stores and Freecycle
  • Clean small empty jars, any shape
  • Electric Pancake Griddle
  • Clean tuna  or cat food cans, or small metal bowls, 1 per color
  • Candle Wicks or heavy cotton string
  • Pot holders or Ove Glove
  • Scissors

What to do:

  • Cover your work area with a dropcloth or newspaper.
  • Set your griddle to 200 degrees. Place tuna cans on the griddle.
  • Break up old candles into pieces and place in cans by color, which will melt.
  • Place a wick in a jar, with the metal holder on the bottom. It helps to pour a small amount of wax into the bottom of the jar, let it cool, then stick the bottom of the wick into it.
    • To make a wick; tie a knot at the end to heavy cotton string. Dip the string into hot wax, then let cool on newspaper. Cut to size.
  • Using pot holders, pour one color of hot was from the cans into the jar. Let the wax cool until solid. It helps to work on multiple candles at once since you have to wait for layers to cool.
  • Add another layer of another color and let cool. Fill the jar until it’s full of layered color. Leave an inch of wick on the top.
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