Obtainium Works

We crew with Obtainium Works, based in Judi’s hometown Vallejo, CA. This Steampunk  DIY group of tinkerers, gearheads, and steam bohemians fabricate steam-powered art out of repurposed industrial detritus, which we refer to as Obtainium.

Photo Credit: Bruce Morton, http://www.sonomatintype.com/

Obtainium Works is best know for it’s three-story Victorian house on wheels, the Neverwas Haul. The Haul is a self-propelled Mobile Art Installation, best known at Burning Man.

Our crew leaders Shannon O’hare (a.k.a. Major Catastrophe) and Kathy O’hare (a.k.a. Lady Impetuous) are known for fabricating art cars, kinetic sculptures, stage sets and commissioned art pieces.

Obtainium Works hosts community events at their downtown workshop:

  • The Mad Holiday Hatter Parade
  • The Obtainium Cup Contraptors Race & Art Car Festival
  • Halloween Haunted House
  • Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre
  • Annual Anniversary Party on St. Patricks Day

    And has participated in :
  • Camp Tipsy, Northern CA
  • Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, NV
  • Maker Faire Bay Area, San Mateo, CA
  • Mini Maker Faire Solano County, Vallejo CA
  • Mini Maker Faire Benicia CA
  • Grand Kinetic Championship, Arcadia, CA
  • Battlebots, Los Angeles CA

Media Appearances: Outside of Burning Man, the Neverwas Haul is featured in books, TV and several music videos:

  • 2018–2019: The Neverwas Haul was on display at the Lyft Art Park in Las Vegas as part of a revolving display of Burning Man Art pieces.
  • 2017: The Girl from the Song, feature film
  • 2013: A feature of the Vintage Tomorrows book[11] and 2016 documentary[12] about the Steampunk movement and its effect on technology.
  • 2012: One of the featured art pieces in Abney Park’s “Steampunk Revolution” music video.
  • 2012: Appeared on Oddities: San Francisco TV Show, Season 01, Episode 04, “Holy Hydrocephalic Cow.”
  • 2010: Musician Renée de la Prade tours the Neverwas Haul while singing in Culann’s Hounds’ “Land of Lost Things” music video.


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