Playa on Tap Water Project


logoThe Mission – Encourage burners to:

  • Take a playa-water survey to help us understand our impact and set a goal. Take the survey!
  • See the Tapped documentary, now on Netflix, OR contact me to check out a copy form my Lending Library.
  • Research the drawbacks of bottled water; cost, waste, plastic industry, pollution, supporting the bottled-water monopoly, no guarantee of safety.
  • To NOT bring bottled water to the playa
  • To instead bring tap water and reusable containers
  • Ultimately, to buy tap water in Gerlach (who recently installed a new water treatment system), supporting the community
  • To volunteer at Gerlach Water Sales
  • commit to bringing tap to the playa
  • To ultimately kick the bottled-water habit in every day life
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