what we do

Adventures in upcycling, making stuff and living sustainably.

We are Judes and Eli, a wife-husband team of makers, outdoor adventurers and Steampunkers. Living in North Lake Tahoe, we take inspiration from nature, our fellow makers and our environmentally-conscience mountain community.

We believe in upcycling, which is taking something old and making something new and better. Used objects have a history, their own character and value… so we believe they should be reused instead of taken to the landfill. We can coach you on how to use obtainium in imaginative and unconventional ways.

Obtainium = that which can be obtained instead of consuming new, including used, upcycled, salvaged and repurposed materials.

We offer assistance the following areas:

Building Design:
architectural design, drafting & engineering
responsible deconstruction and disposal
using upcycled building materials

Upcycled Design:
home interiors & home interior sewing
outdoor and indoor gardening
clothing design, cosplay & sewing
heirloom restoration and repurposing
art & craft making

Small Business Coaching for Makers:
business planning
website design
retail, vending online & vending at events

Through consultations, workshops and one-on-one DIY assistance, we help our clients reuse existing resources in creative ways. Our mission is to empower others by teaching new skills, sharing new ways of thinking and building confidence.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your project..

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