Step 1: Business Name

Step 1: Business Name

Do I need a business name? No, but having a business name is a great way to express your style and build brand recognition.
What would I use a business name for? You will use this business name for marketing, social media, your Seller’s Permit and Income Tax Schedule C form and business license if you require one.
How do I choose a name? You can incorporate your name like ‘Betty Smith Designs”, or create a unique business name that encompasses your style, your focus and your perspective.
Do I need to register my Business Name? It’s not necessary but you can if you want to protect the name. Do a Google search to make sure the name isn’t already being used. If so, check to see if it’s a registered name and what that business does. If your business is different, you can still use the name but I recommend including the business descriptor on all marketing materials.
Can I just use my own name? Yes. You will use your name on your Seller’s Permit, and Income Tax Schedule C.

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