Step 10: Event Gear

Step 10: Event Gear

Storage Bins: Invest in a modular storage bin collection. If you can, avoid cardboard boxes that can be easily damaged and are had to pack efficiently.
Bins with Lids: These stack well, but opt for bines with lids that lock, especially if being transported in an open truck bed. These can be found at stores like Target.
Flip-Top Clear Bins: I prefer these sturdy bins because the lid is attached, they have holes to zip tie them shut and they stack very well together. Use masking tape to label your bins, this makes set up much easier. Empty bins can be covered with a table cloth and used as extra display space. These can be found at home improvement stores.

Utility Supplies & Gear:
Gear Boxes: Obtain a heavy duty divided gear box for small gear. Designate a heavy duty bin for heavy gear.
Supplies: Pack assorted sizes of S-hooks, binder clips, zip ties, bungie balls, bungie cords, clothesline rope or paracord, masking tape, gaffer tape and clear packing tape. Avoid duck tape which leaves a residue.
Tools: Bring a paratool or pliers, a hammer and assorted screwdrivers.
Power: If you are using power, bring a 20′ heavy duty extension cord and power strip.
Cart: Most events will require you to haul in your stuff, so if you don’t have muscle for carrying heavy loads, consider a folding flat cart or dolly. It’s always a good idea to ask about the load-in area.
Cargo Straps: Invest in some quality ratchet straps to secure things to your roof rack or truck bed. These can also be used to secure your shade structure in windy conditions. Bungie cords and rope are not as secure for high risk uses.
Step Stool: If hanging things above your reach, bring a small folding step stool. Avoid standing on folding chairs.
Administrative Supplies: Pack a notebook, pens, sharpies, scissors, safety pins, scotch tape, price tags, sign-making materials for last-minute signage needs.

Suitable Vehicle: The size of your vehicle will determine how much you can bring to a show. You will need room for product, fixtures and gear. A hatch-back vehicle with a roof rack, truck or van is ideal.
U-haul rents cargo vans, pickup trucks and box trucks. It’s cheaper for local events since mileage will be low. Reserve your rental weeks in advance.

Safety Gear:
Set Up Clothing: Wear sturdy shoes and clothes for set up. Pack gloves to unpack your vehicle. Scrapes and cuts can happen. Change into your ‘sales’ clothes after set up.
Back Support: If you are prone to back problems, use a back brace to set up.
First Aid: Pack a first aid kit with meds like pain relievers, allergy pills, digestive aids, Emergen-C and cough drops, because talking a lot causes a dry throat.

Personal Provisions:
Food: Event food can be expensive to plan ahead. Use a cooler-bag to pack snacks, prepared foods, cold drinks including caffein and water in a refillable container.
Include: Flatware, napkins or bandannas, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and a trash bag.

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