Step 11: Shade Structure

Step 11: Shade Structure for Outdoor Events

If you plan to do outdoor events, owning your own 10×10 shade structure is a must. Borrowing one can be problematic, especially if you have never used it before. If you damage it in use, it’s becomes an issue.

EasyUp type structures are great. Prices range depending on the quality, so invest in the best one you can afford. Keep in mind, EasyUp structures are bulky and heavy, so make sure it will fit in or on your vehicle. The canopy fabric blocks sun and rain, but catches wind, so you need ground stakes for dirt or grass, and weights for asphalt. These usually come with the structure. These structures are not designed to hang things since the top support rails are slanted.

Make your own shade structure: The benefit is you can make custom sizes, it’s often less expensive and the parts break down to smaller components, easier to transport in pieces. This structure is great if you are hanging clothing since the poles are horizontal and sturdy.
Structure: Use aluminum conduit pipe and metal joiners You’ll need an angle grinder to cut pipe to size.
Metal conduit is available at home improvement and hardware stors.
Metal joiners available at: Yuma Bargain Wharehouse
Shade Cloth: Tarps are waterproof but acts like a sail in the wind, so you’ll need more tie-downs and guy-lining. I recommend mesh shade fabric, the wind moves through it. I personally love Aluminet, a silver reflective mesh cloth that deflects the sun, so it’s super cool underneath.
Shade Cloth available at:
Bungies: Attach shade fabric with bungie balls. Bungie cords in assorted sizes are useful. Available online.

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