Step 14: Price Tags

Step 14: Price Tags

Decide what kind of price tags you will use:
Research sticker and tie-on tags online, both pre-made and DIY options.
Buy or Order Your Tags: This is a quick and easy option
Do this 2-3 weeks ahead of time so you can get exactly what you need, and get them in time to price your goods.
Avoid waiting to the last minute and having to buy whatever the store has.
Where to Buy or Order Price Tags:
Craft stores & Office Supply stores have a decent selection, but you will pay a premium.
Order online for the best selection, allow for shipping time.
DIY Tie-on Tags – Order a custom Rubber Stamp:
A business card size is great for large items, and double as business cards
Order custom rubber stamps from Etsy, Vista Print, Office Supply Stores
On the stamp, include Business Name, What you make and Contact Info.
Stamp onto craft-board tags as needed.
DIY Tie-on Tags – Craft-board Tags: This is more work but looks more professional
Order pre-made blank tags with holes already punched
Or cut your own from card stock, new or upcycled craft-board.
Punch the holes with a hole puncher.
Use cotton string to tie tags to goods.
For a charming hand-written look, use a fine point Sharpie
DIY Sticker Tags:
Order colorful masking tape
Handwrite prices with a Sharpie

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