Step 16: Plan Ahead

Step 16: Plan Ahead

To-Do List: Create you To-Do list with deadlines to stay on track.
Booth Set-up Plan: Draft out how you will set up your booth ahead of time.
Back-up Plans: If your booth is relying on something that is iffy AND vital to your operation, have a Plan-B.
Be Self-Reliant: Plan to bring everything you’ll need for a successful event.
Create Packing Checklist: List all your product, fixtures, tables, shade structure, gear, provisions etc., to avoid forgetting things you need.
Plan Take-Down: By the end of the event, you’ll be tired so before you begin packing up, have a snack, hydrate and have come caffeine. Most accidents happen during take-down so take your time, pack methodically and label bins as you go. You will thank yourself later.

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