Step 8: Booth Signage

Step 8: Booth Signage

Good signage helps customers browse your booth on their own, as some may not ask questions.

Booth Banner: Create or order a banner with your business name and simple description or motto. Example: Serenity – Boho Clothing and Accessories.
Order Custom Banners: from Etsy or Vistaprint . Make sure to order with grommets so your banner is easy to hang.

Sign Your Product: Create rigid signs for specific product, especially if you don’t want to price things individually.
Design Signs: If you good on the computer, design your own signs on Google Docs, it’s free. Print Signs: Printed signs can be laminated or or put into picture frames that can stand or hang. Loose paper signs at outdoor events blow around.
Laminators: This is an inexpensive way to make reusable signs. Shop online for laminators and laminator sheets for the best price. Avoid buying laminator sheets at office supply stores, you’ll pay a premium.
Hand Write Signs: If you have nice writing, hand-make signs with card stock, poster board, foam core or painted thin wood flats, that can be repainted and reused. Write with Sharpie Paint Pens for good visibility.
Hang Signs: Either punch holes in the corners of signs or use binder clips. Hang signs with S-hooks or cord. Clear packing tape works well on some surfaces. Avoid visible masking or

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