Step 9: Large Booth Gear

Step 9: Large Booth Gear

For indoor events, you will need:

Folding tables: These are a must, available in 8′, 6′ and 4′ rectangle and 3′ squares or rounds. If you usually do events alone or have limited physical capacity, consider smaller folding tables, they are lighter and easier to fit into a vehicle. Some fold in half and are more compact, but can be lighter weight. I prefer the Lifetime brand for their durability.

Folding Chairs: Have a folding chair for yourself, and one for your helper, visitors or customers to use if they need a break.

Table Cloths: For a professional look, acquire table cloths. They don’t have to match, but having a color theme helps establish your style. You don’t have to buy new, table cloths and home decor textiles can be found in thrift stores. Large binder clips are great for securing cloths to the table.

Fixtures: To best display your goods, obtain suitable fixtures. Again, these don’t have to be new. Get creative with things like wood boxes, old suitcases, wood branches, etc. Wood blocks or bricks make good risers. Search the web for ideas of DIY fixtures. If hanging goods, lightweight S-hooks are great, available online.

Clothing Racks:
Buy Racks: Lightweight racks that can be disassembled are available online.
Hanging Racks: Use poles with rubber stoppers, chain and heavy S-hooks to add hanging racks to your structure, not recommend for EasyUps.
Build Racks: Design and create custom sturdy clothing racks using custom sized poles and joiners, these can be disassembled for transport.

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