Youtube: Sewing with Judi

I made a series of short Youtube videos for Truckee Roundhouse, where I teach sewing. I hope you find these useful.

Youtube Videos:
Welcome to the Truckee Roundhouse Textile Shop
Hand Tools: Rotary Cutter

Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine
This little machine is a great value at $270, it’s often on sale for less. It’s not digital and doesn’t have lots of extras, however, it’s a great little workhorse for basic sewing. We use them at Truckee Roundhouse for their simplicity, durability and ease, perfect for beginners to advanced students.

If you want to go eco, consider a Refurbished machine from Singer directly, for 25% – 40% less.

Youtube Videos:
Singer Heavy Duty- Play All
Singer Heavy Duty – Introduction
Singer Heavy Duty – Basic Operation
Singer Heavy Duty Home Machine: Parts
Singer Heavy Duty – Preparing a Bobbin
Singer Heavy Duty – Clean up

Serger Machines: I am a fan of Baby Lock and Juki Sergers.

Baby Lock Vibrant Serger
I love this machine! It’s an affordable workhorse. This version is NOT self-threading, but, the ability to thread a serger is a serious Super Power! You can find these $500 at SewingMachinesPlus. Below are videos produced by Baby Lock, way better than I could make.

Youtube Videos: Baby Lock Vibrant: Play All

I was gifted this Juki MO600N Serger, and she’s been in full use at the Truckee Roundhouse for about 6 years. The new versions are a great beginner serger for under $400.

Youtube Videos:
Juki Serger: Play All
Juki Serger: Orientation
Juki Serger vs. Sewing Machine
Juki Serger – Parts
Juki Serger: Changing the Needle
Juki Serger: Quick Change Threads
Juki Serger – Changing 1st Thread
Juki Serger: Changing 2nd Thread
Juki Serger: Changing 3rd Thread
Juki Serger – Changing the 4th Thread
Juki Serger – Troubleshooting
Juki Serger – Cleaning Up

Nakajima Industrial Sewing Machine with Walking Foot
We love our Nakajima machine, made by Juki. We replaced the clutch motor, which was a little too fast and dangerous for learning. She now has a Servo motor which is much smoother and slower. This machine is for heavy duty projects with leather, vinyl, heavy canvas, duck, webbing and upholstery fabrics. It is extremely simple, with just a strait stitch (no zig zag), but does have a reverse and stitch size dial.

Youtube Videos:
Nakajima Industrial Machine: Play All
Nakajima Industrial Machine: Orientation
Nakajima Industrial Machine: Parts
Nakajima Industrial Sewing Machine: Operation
Nakajima Industrial Sewing Machine – Changing the Needle
Nakajima Idustrial Sewing Machine – Rolling a Bobbin
Nakajima Industrial Sewing Machine – Installing the Bobbin
Nakajima Industrial Sewing Machine – Troubleshooting
Nakajima Industrial Sewing Machine: Maintenance / Clean up

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