The Tea in Team

When we got married, my husband and I became a team. Then when the Biscuit was born, our team grew by one. We’ve always referred to ourselves as Team Gibson. It has a certain strength to it… kind of like Wonder-Twin Power.

The Biscuit is our only child which made it easy to take him with us everywhere… to parties, on holiday and even to Burning Man every year. We were the first couple in our immediate circle of friends to have a baby, so people got used to seeing us as a 3-pack. The Biscuit learned to socialize with adults at an early age so he enjoyed being a part of the team.

Now that we are living in two separate households, it seems strange to not have my team around me. It’s taken time to adjust to being alone. It helps to remember the good times. The three of us have had a decade of fun adventures together… and nothing can ever take that away from us.

At times, I do feel isolated but I take comfort in knowing that we are still a team. Even though we are all not together, we still do care for each other. I know that if any of us ever find ourselves in trouble, in poor health or in peril of any kind, the others will come running.

I also take comfort in the simple things, like when we get together to watch Dr. Who, play Monopoly or just enjoy a cup of Sleepytime tea. By the way, that’s the tea in team.

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