Making Lemonade

It’s summertime and lemonade stands are probably popping in your neighborhood. The Biscuit waits all year for the opportunity to open a lemonade stand. It’s a favorite childhood ritual.

However, as adults, the term making lemonade has a different meaning. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. It’s a common piece of advice, but sometimes bitter when directed towards you.

Yes, life throws us all kinds of unexpected and unsolicited challenges. It’s easy to sink under the weight of things that are beyond our control.

Now that the Biscuit has two homes, his time is split between the two. Because his father’s new household has two boys the Biscuit’s age, of course he prefers to spend most of his time there. There is no denying that it’s good for Biscuit to have siblings, but how can my home compete with that? It can’t.

I know, as a ten-year-old boy, the Biscuit is beginning to find his own way. He’s is making decisions for himself, which I encourage, even if those decisions means I have less time with him.

Yes, I miss the Biscuit dearly… but this is a crucial time for him and I value his happiness. To see him growing up, becoming his own person makes me proud… but it is bittersweet. The lemon I now have, is very little time with the Biscuit.

So… I am taking advantage of the time to write, play and take care of myself… something I have not had much time to do over the past decade. Sometimes all we can really do is get out the lemon squeezer… and it doesn’t hurt to add a splash of rum.

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