My Reunion with the Ocean

I love the ocean… the smell of seaweed, the taste of salt on my lips, the sound of waves breaking, the panoramic view of blue and the silky feel of the water itself. Although I lived in Pacific Grove for five years… which happens to be surrounded by the ocean, I rarely got in in the freezing-cold water. I could only admire her from the comfort of the beach.

I was finally reunited with my beloved Pacific Ocean yesterday. The waters surrounding the Island of Catalina have embraced me. I now remember what it is I love about the ocean. She centers me. She makes me calm, peaceful and allows me to clear my mind. She is simply… magic.

While kayaking today, I was able to see clear down to the ocean floor 30-feet below. Schools of tiny silver fish swarmed like bees. Bright orange Girabaldi casually cruised about and the kelp slow-danced in the gentle current. I’ve never wanted to be fish before, but today I did. The fish swimming deep below never had to think about medical bills, finances or deadlines. Their only concern was where to find their next snack.

As I watched fish swim happily in the clear blue water, I thought “what a great place to be a fish”. Then I realized, “what a great place to be a human”. I have always believed that we should have a good life everyday, instead of waiting for that annual vacation to do what we love. Today, I had a good life.

Avalon reminds me of Mexico, Europe and the Mediterranean all rolled together. Artsy hand-made tiles cover benches, walls and buildings.  The pace is slow, the streets are tiny and people are happy. In just two days, I’ve met so many amazing people and already feel like a local. It’s easy to see why people move here to be bartenders, deck-hands and hotel staff. I am already thinking about how I could possibly make this my life.

Today I sauntered around with only the agenda of where to find my next snack. It was heaven. When I leave tomorrow afternoon, I plan to take the feeling home with me. I also plan to acquire a used kayak so I can get better acquainted with the Benicia Bay… just minutes from home. I am absolutely ready to have a good life every day.

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