Going Ten Rounds with the Universe

Do you ever feel like the you are battling the Universe? I believe in Karma, so I find myself wondering what I did to the Universe to deserve the past 48 hours. Here’s the blow-by-blow:

The Combatants:

The Underdog… Judi standing 5 feet tall and weighing in at 125 pounds.

The Challenger… The Universe, weighing in 93 billion light years or 28 billion parsecs.

Round 1: On Thursday, I made headway at my moms house, clearing out stuff and posting on Freecycle. I got rid of a lot of stuff and even delivered a headboard to a friend. Point for Judi

Round 2: I was feeling victorious as I headed home for a good nights sleep, when…. Dusty, my faithful truck, freaked out. I’m straddling two homes right now, so Dusty has become my haven. She carries all my stuff (big and small) and gets me to and from the various places I need to be each day. I rely on her for so much.

Dusty’s thermostat uncharacteristically shot to HOT. As I looked at her gage in disbelief, she let out a loud bang, something sprayed all over her windshield and smoke began billowing out of her hood. Point for Universe

Round 3: My evening involved escorting Dusty home via tow truck (I am so glad I renewed my AAA). Had it not been for a friend talking me down, I would have fretted all night about the evening’s events. My dear friend reminded me that it could have happened on the freeway instead of Chelsea Hills Drive near my house… and that I had AAA… and that it looked like an easy fix. Friday morning I had Dusty towed to my mechanic and a few hours and $150 later, we were reunited. Point for Judi 

Round 4: I triumphantly headed home to reload all my gear, including three huge bags of fleece and Muppet-fur fabric for more hat making. I was headed to my moms place, when Dusty started to sputter on the freeway. Her engine light popped on so I got off the freeway and headed back. Point for Universe

Round 5: I parked her downtown so I would be centrally located for evening plans of a deep-tissue massage and girls night out. My massage was pure heaven and released some major pressure points. Point for Judi

Round 6: I then headed out to meet a friend and my sister for what she called, her Company Holiday Party.. she works for herself so it was just the three of us. We joined a Santa Pub Crawl and I just happened to have some of my furry holiday hats in Dusty, so I loaned out hats. It was a lovely evening. Point for Judi

Round 7: I decided to not risk driving Dusty in case she broke down again, so my sister kindly drove me home. When I returned the next morning to retrieve Dusty, the three bags of fabric I left in the back, were gone. All of my faux-fur and fleece were in those bags, valued at about $400. Some of the fur was from the LA garment district and irreplaceable. Point for Universe

Round 8: After filing a police report, I made plans to bake quiche muffins for Katie and William who just returned home with their new baby-boy. The oven at my mom’s house had not been working, but my ex-husband kindly got it working. Point for Judi

Round 9: I set up baking at Mom’s house and realized there were no muffin tins at the house. So I headed to Safeway (Vallejo) to buy some. I was faced with no less than 30 people line at the Express checkout. How can such a big store only have three checkers? Point for Universe

Round 10: I just finished my first batch of quiche muffins which smell heavenly and taste even better. I plan to deliver them later today and meet the new baby. Point for Judi

Final Score: 

Judi: 6

Universe: 4

Although I came out ahead in this 48-hour match, I am not letting my guard down. I am bruised and sore so I’ll will rest up tonight for the Lightning Round that is surely awaiting me.

OR… should I stop fighting the Universe and just try to go with it? Damn. Did I just learn something?

2 Replies to “Going Ten Rounds with the Universe”

  1. I hear you. The universe has been kicking my butt all year baby! I am so ready for 2012 to roll through. Hope Dusty gets well soon and you continue to come out ahead.

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