Going Green and Local for the Holidays

So the holiday shopping season has officially begun… (insert scream here).

Maybe it’s all my years of working in retail, but absolutely detest the holiday retail experience. There is so much pressure to buy the perfect gift… which according to television commercials, happens to be diamonds and new cars. Sadly, many end up with a musical tie or plastic dancing flowers that end up in the landfills.

Like many folks, I always make an effort to shop locally from small businesses. For the last few years, I’ve been making all my holiday gifts… stuff like fuzzy hats, slippers and buckwheat neck pillows.

Recently, I’ve taken it a step further by going green. We live in a disposable world so I am doing my part to change that. I am upcycling materials into new things. I find great clothing at thrift stores and re-use the fabrics to make hats, costumes and Steampunk clothing.

With my new passion, Succulent Tea Gardens… I am upcycling dishware; tea cups, coffee cups, bowls, teapots and even soup tureens. Last year I made and gifted these little gardens. 

This year, I am offering my hand-made gardens as unique affordable hostess, client or employee gifts. They are also nice for the person who has everything.

I encourage everyone to support  local artisans and craftspeople by giving locally hand-made gifts this year. Check out your local gift shops and holiday craft fairs this season.

I’m taking orders for Succulent Tea Gardens  so feel free to contact me on Facebook by phone: 707-208-1669  or Email: jmoralesgibson@yahoo.com

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