Steampunk at Open Studios May 4-5

With the success of the Steampunk in the Trunk show behind me, I am now preparing for Benicia Open Studios on May 4th & 5th.

I will be showing my clothing at Lottie Ballou Costumes in the Arsenal, which will be my permanent venue.  Between my upcycled Steampunk fashions, hats and goggles and Lottie Ballou’s amazing assortment of costumes, hats, accessories and vintage jewelry… there’s plenty of play-clothes to choose from.

I’ll be set up to sew on location so you can see how I work, and I can alter clothes on the spot if needed.

CinderBooth CinderWagon vanaukenelijudi VanAukenGirls VanAukenSepia VanAukenTrollyGroup

You’re never too old to play dress up, so come an play with us.

Photo Credit: – Michael Van Auken, Eli Meyer

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