Make it Sew!

Yes, I’m a multi-purpose-geek…. I love to sew and love Star Trek.


Okay… I’m talking to all my friends (and their friends) who have said, “I want to learn how to sew.” Here’s another chance to share needles. I’m teaching a few sewing workshops this summer:

  • May 11, Mother’s Day, Guerilla Sewing at Arts Benicia
  • July 20, Burning Man Costume workshop in the East Bay.
  • August: Plan to teach at Arts Benicia in early August, before Burning Man.

See my workshop schedule for details.

sewing machineIf you have a sewing machine, but don’t use it because it’s intimidating, not to mention like rocket science when threading it…  my Guerilla Sewing style can change the your relationship with your machine. It’s easier than you think.

Sew… what are you waiting for? Come and play!




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