Take Back Mother’s Day

Maybe it’s all my years of working in retail, but I’m jaded when it comes to Hallmark holidays and consumerism in general. Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the biggest money-making holidays for florists.

Having worked in sales and marketing, I know the lengths that retailers go to capitalize on holidays.  I just don’t believe we should let retailers define how to celebrate or demonstrate love.


I challenge everyone to decide how to best celebrate Mother’s Day for themselves. As a mom and a daugmotherdaughtesewinghter, it’s a shame that there is only one day designated to appreciate mothers. Even so, there is so much pressure to so something special for this holiday. A shared personal experience can be much more special than flowers, a store-bought present or an overpriced brunch in a crowded restaurant.


I’m teaching a sewing workshop at Arts Benicia this Mother’s Day. Here are just a few other ideas of how to spend the day together:

  • Help Mom clear out and organize her closet, kitchen, garage, basement or attic.
  • Help Mom set up a functional craft room in her house.
  • Plant a garden with your mom.
  • Frame or scrapbook family photos for your mom.
  • Take Mom for a hike or walk in a beautiful place.
  • Spend the day doing something creative like painting or crafting.
  • Search for and load up her favorite music genre on a MP3 player, phone or computer for her.
  • Pack a picnic and take Mom for a drive.
  • Paint, de-clutter and/or help redecorate a room in your mom’s house.
  • Take her visit a local gallery, museum or to hear live music locally.
  • Spend the day cooking or baking with your mom.
  • Take Mom to adopt a pet at a local shelter or animal rescue.Foot Massage
  • If you live far away, consider a gift certificate for a useful service like  house-keeping, professional organizer or something fun like an art or dance class.
  • Have a home-spa day with mom; color her hair, do fun facial treatments, wax, mani-pedi, foot massage or just play makeover.

There are plenty of other ways to show Mom how much you care. Click here for more ideas.

If you’re a mom, don’t be shy about defining how you want to spend your day. If you have kids and all you want is break, then tell your family so. Imagine having a kid-free day all to yourself. Taking the kids for the day is also a great way to honor mom-friends or family.

Whatever you do, remember… it’s not just the thought that counts… its the experience that you’ll enjoy and cherish.






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