Playa-Wear Workshops

Sewing ladyThe Man burns in 72 days, which means we have only 9 weeks to prep our fabulous wardrobes. I’m hosting a series of playa-making Workshops, varying in instruction and price ranges.

Saturday July 12: Open-Make and Costume Swap:

  • Instruction: Assistance only
  • Class Limit: No limit
  • Cost $5 Donation
  • Location: Integri-Tea, 717 Marin St. Vallejo
  • Registration: Not needed

Sunday July 13: Guerilla Sewing Workshop:

  • Instruction: One-on-one and Group instruction
  • Class Limit: 8
  • Cost $50-$65
  • Location: Arts Benicia, 991 Tyler St. Benicia
  • Registration: Arts Benicia

Sunday July 20: Playa-Wear Workshop:

  • Instruction: Group instruction
  • Class Limit: 15 (4 spaces left)
  • Cost $30
  • NEW Location: Integri-Tea, 717 Marin St. Vallejo
  • Registration: PayPal

Feel free to contact me with questions.

One Reply to “Playa-Wear Workshops”

  1. Wish I could sew a gorilla or is it gurilla (mis-spelled ) I’D CALL IT MAGILLA.But unfortunately I live in N.Z. nevermind .LoL.

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