The Dust Has Settled….

I’m happy to report that I had a great time at Burning Man with my son Dexter and my parter Eli. This was the year of doing less… so we committed to not committing to work at the Burn this year. I did however, do a talk about my project, Playa on Tap at Earth Guardians.

Besides that, we just spend quality time with each other and our campmates Britt & Loki…. long-time friends.


Best moment on playa: Dexter was hungry so Eli set up the fixin’s for scrambled eggs. When he finished, he said, “Can Dexter make his own eggs?”… to which Loki replied, “Damn it man, he’s not a chicken!” We all laughed for about 2o minutes.

I’d love to write more about our week, but no rest for the wicked… I am prepping for an event this weekend in Woodland. Enjoy the photos.

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