Weather Report: a Balmy 48

So my Saggitarian Sister Nancy, wished me a happy birthday today, we have the same birthday. The funny thing is, I didn’t realize it was today. I’ve been too busy relaxing this weekend, enjoying the rainy weather in Tahoe.


Twenty years ago, I imagined turning 48 would be kind of a big deal, but now that it’s here… I’m kind of like, meh. With the big Five-O just two years away, I’m sure some women’s magazine says I should be taking stock of my life… yo know, assessing who I am (like my job title), what I have (what kind of car I drive), what I’ve accomplished (like having an acronym after my name like VP, RN or ESQ).

Here is what I came up with:

Who I am:
* I’m a starving artist doing what I love
* A bohemian who remains influenced by the Burning Man culture all year round
* A mom of an amazing, witty and sometimes innappropriate kid

What I have:
* A roof over my head thanks to my family
* A life partner who loves me unconditionally
* The love and support from my family and friends
* The knowledge of what truly makes me happy
* My health (good enough to keep moving)

What I’ve accomplished:
* Raised a beautiful boy to be a creative, smart and kind young man
* Finally discovered who I am (kind of a dork, weirdo and yahoo)
* Reached the point in my life where happiness is worth more than a job title, money or status

I’ve finally given myself an acronym:
* Bohemian-Artist-Loved-Mama-Yahoo = BALMY

So even though it’s pretty cold today, the weather is perfectly balmy today.

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