Top Ten New Things for the New Year

2015 was an interesting year with some great accomplishments and some set backs, lots of changes, all good. I can’t but help but look forward to new things coming my way.

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Top Ten New Things for 2016:

  1. Being able to focus my time and energy on my son’s needs, including the luxury of quality time together.
  2. Knowing that I’ve made the right decision about what’s best for my son and I.
  3. Having a partner who is truly supportive in every way.
  4. Loving my new home and community, breathing clean air, living without fear.
  5. Taking more time for my own health and well being.
  6. Accepting that living in Tahoe is both challenging and rewarding; absolutely the right combination for me at this moment in my life.
  7. Appreciating my own Jack-of-all-trades skills… which have drawn the perfect opportunities to me.
  8. Lessons in planning ahead ~ if you want to go the grocery store, leave time to shovel out the car.
  9. Being given the time to get back to designing, sewing, painting, writing… and even make play lists with my music.
  10. All aspects of snow removal, from scraper, to shovel, to snow blower.

Happy New Year

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