One Last Gift for Mom

Dolores Nurse photo
Dolores Leyva Morales, 1935 – 2017

My mom, Dolores Morales, passed away on December 1st, 2017 at the age of 82. She was known as Loli to her family.

In Vallejo, my mom was known by children of all ages, as the pediatric injection nurse at Vallejo Kaiser, for multiple generations. Small children would recognize her out in public, usually leading to a hug.

We wanted to do something special for my mom, to send her off onto her next journey… in style.

Mom casket top

My mom loved irises, so we made her a custom casket covered in irises. Building her casket from scratch, pulled us all together and enabled us to give her a great send off.

My mom taught us how to thrift, upcycle and make things from scratch. We learned how to sew, craft and create art from mom. There was nothing we couldn’t make ourselves so I credit her for my love of making stuff. My mom also made sure our education included art, dance, music, theater and civic involvement.

Making this last gift for mom felt good… because we knew she would love it.

Mom casket inside

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