Last Chance Outpost Pop-up Store Fundraiser in Gerlach, August 16 – Sept. 3

Last Chance Outpost storefront

Every year I host the Last Chance Outpost pop-up store in Gerlach, Nevada, where we offer playa gear, pre-owned burner wear, toiletries, cold drinks, snacks, maps and information during Burning Man.

It’s a fundraiser for Friends of Black Rock High Rock, a non-profit based in Gerlach, that does conservation and education within the 1.2 million acres of public lands in the Black Rock Desert area.

We accept donations of pre-burned playa-wear, playa-gear, camping gear, blankets and towels.

Volunteers are still needed, so if you’re not going to the burn this year and want to help out, contact me! I’ll be heading to Gerlach on August 14.

FBR supply table

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