cinder garden style

INSPIRATION: I first discovered Steampunk art and clothing at Burning Man in 2009, particularly the Obtainium Works  crew based in my hometown of Vallejo. The amazing group of artists and makers, use Obtainium (used stuff) to make art cars and functional contraptions.

UPCYCLED PLAY CLOTHES FOR YOUR INNER CHILD:  I make clothing and accessories are functional, vintage with an industrial edge for working folks… intended for everyday, work-time and play-time. 

CINDER GARDEN STYLE: I describe my style as Chimney Sweep, Oliver Twist, Street Urchin and Ragamuffin, all with functional utility pockets and D-rings.

This Funktional piece is outfitted with multiple pockets and places to clip things on, perfect for festivals, Steampunk events or special occasions.

UPCYCLING: I truly believe in Upcycling, so I rework gently-used and vintage and use home linens, upholstery fabric samples and found objects. I don’t use any new fabrics, so using Obtainium makes my designs affordably chic.

Accessories: I love the challenge of making found objects and hardware store finds into Steam accessories.

Photos by: Micheal Van Auken

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  1. We bought a coat from you had a rabbit fur collar in beige just wanted to thank you again my granddaughter loves it so much and I take great pleasure in making her happy thanks again Victoria

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