What is Steampunk?


My crew on the Neverwas Haul, a mobile art installation created by by Obtainium Works, photo Stephen Jacobson

warriorThis genre is a fictional mash of Victorian, Wild West, Steam power, Science Fiction and Alternate History. Steampunkers create a future, from a past that never was. Imagine if the world of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells was our modern technology… machines would run on steam, gears and mechanics instead of electronics. Steampunkers are natural tinkerers, builders, engineers, designers, fabricators, welders, carpenters and dismantlers… who are not afraid to break the rules.


Staying true to the genre, Steampunk art and fashion is often made of Obtainium, used stuff…. as there would be no new materials in this world. Using Obtainium challenges artists and designers to find interesting ways to make things work. The result is a functional, industrial and often over-the-top style.

Artists, writers, fashion designers and musicians work in the Steampunk genre. The great thing is… there are varying flavors of Steampunk so there is no wrong way to do it.


vintage_tomorrowsFor more views of what Steampunk is, check out the film, Vintage Tomorrows available on Netflix, in which the Obtainium Works shop and crew are featured.

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