Burning Man: T-Minus 3 Days

I leave for Burning Man on Sunday. You’d think I’d be excited… I should be excited but I’m more anxious. As usual, I am not ready. I still have packing and sewing to do but I did score some killer $8 burner-goggles!

Up until yesterday, the Biscuit was planning on going with me. He decided he would sit this year out. He just started at his new school in Napa and doesn’t want to miss a whole week. Who’d have thought a 10-year old could be so responsible? Love that kid.

Now that it’s just me, it will be a different kind of trip. I like to volunteer with services like Greeters, Lamplighters and want to do a shift with the Temple Guardians. Without the Biscuit, I will be able to volunteer more, chill with my campmates and explore Black Rock City.

I have scheduled 16 Black Rock Scout events for burner-kids,  including a photography workshop which I am really looking forward to. I made uniforms for my roomie and I to be Fashion Police. We are going to give tickets to people who are dressed boring.

I am disappointed that the Biscuit won’t be joining me, this will be first year without my family. I won’t be alone, I am going with my roommates. Nonetheless, this will definitely be different for me, but I am looking forward to Burning Man. I’ll try to blog from the desert so stay tuned.

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