Making Time for Love

Life is busy. Most people multi-task all day, juggling multiple things in their lives: work, family, friends, obligations. I am no different. I often feel overwhelmed. But what about love… do we make time for love?

It’s not something we are taught. We are raised to be good people, get a good education and a good job, be an upstanding member of society and raise a family to be proud of. But what about love? Where does time for love come in?

Loving someone doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Don’t believe the Hallmark advertisers… it does not have to be a over-written card, a diamond or a $70 dozen roses.

It really is the little things: a simple text, a quick phone call, even an email can express love. Try sending your sweetie a Top Ten list of the reasons you love them. It’s eye-opening and rewarding for both sender and receiver. Simple gestures like lighting candles at the dinner table make everyday moments special. I recently received a You Tube link of beautiful song from my sweetie. It absolutely made my day.

If you have the time and resources, plan a special day or weekend trips with your sweetheart, just the two of you. You’ll be surprised how much you connect with each other without outside distractions.

A day at the beach can be magic.

Life is short so tell your loved-ones that you do indeed love them. Make time for love… after all, all you need is love.






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