Life Really is Short

Sure, people say that all the time, but do we really know what that means? With people living longer than ever, life is actually longer than it used to be… but not all of it has the quality of life we would like. I am seeing that first hand as I care for my elderly parents.

Life is short in another way… you just never know when your time is up. I was recently reminded of this when an old friend Dan Schumacher lost his battle with cancer. Danny was  a sage, brilliant, kind and I believe more spiritually evolved than most people.

Dan and I were Minnesingers together in the mid-80’s, picture Glee with a big band and dancers in skimpy costumes. We reconnected on Facebook when he was in remission and I was dealing with my own cancer. Dan was confident about my prognosis, gave me confidence and real hope.

I last spoke to Dan in July while he was going through chemo. He seemed emotionally strong and determined. I was shocked and heartbroken to hear that he lost his battle a few weeks ago. He leaves two daughters behind.

It really hit home with me… life IS short. Nobody really knows how much time he or she has.

This fact has renewed my passion for life. I am now motivated to seize rare opportunities for tiny slices of happiness. I believe we all deserve them, especially since if we face difficult challenges in daily life.

Due to financial restrictions and family responsibilities, I used to deprive myself of luxuries like sushi, music and quality time with true friends. No more. I am now making efforts to reconnect with old friends.

If you get a ping from me for sushi, music or just some hang-out time, I hope you respond. If you ping me, just know I will be stoked to see you. When my time is up, I want to leave this world with no regrets.

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