Becoming a Regular at the ER

So… if you are following my own ongoing saga of General Hospital, here is the latest:

My mom is still in Kaiser hospital. Her heart rate is not yet stable and she may have injured her knee when she fell so they are keeping her at least another day. Despite this, she is feeling better and has begun to eat again.

The delay in her discharge is good news… it gives me more time to find a suitable board and care facility for her. We met with the elder-care consultant earlier this evening and I am looking at two places tomorrow morning.

Since we moved my dad to a facility three weeks ago, and my mom out of the house, I’ve started to feel a little more at ease, (insert light-hearted music here). I had just finished a lovely dinner with Dex, Jonathan and Clare… when the phone rang, (insert dramatic music here). It was my dad’s care facility calling, saying that they sent him to the ER at Kaiser. Really??

Yes, really. So here I am again, at the Kaiser ER… waiting. Since Clare was here all day with Mom, she gets the night shift off so Jonathan came with me.

The ER doctor remembers me from three weeks ago when I was here with my mom. It’s not a good thing when you get a frequent flyer membership at the hospital. One more ER visit and I get a free rectal exam!

They’ve already done lab work and a CT scan. We always fear another stroke. I would settle for a simple case amnesia, an evil twin,  alien abduction…. or my favorite soap-opera scenario, it was all a dream.

I am taking advantage of the time to do some writing… thank heavens for the free WiFi at Kaiser. Stay tuned for another exciting episode of General Hospital when I visit the cafeteria (fade to black)

2 Replies to “Becoming a Regular at the ER”

  1. I don’t know how much assistance your mom needs Judy, but I know a woman here in Benicia that has two private homes if you would like to speak with her. Best of luck, I have traveled this road.

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