2012: The Beginning of the End

Dear 2011, Good Riddance: I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to say good-bye to a year… and I know I am not alone. For me, 2011 was a year of challenges… major changes, health issues, family crisis, financial woes, worker’s comp and disability, heartbreak and ever changing environments.

The Biscuit has been such a trooper, having moved three times in 2011. I am inspired by his ability to adapt.

Mostly, it was a year of being in limbo. I didn’t spend much time at home in Benicia due to family obligations. I camped out at my folks house a lot while caring for them. I feel like I spent the whole year living out of a backpack, hauling my things around with me like a gypsy.

My parents health ailments reached the boiling point in the last month, challenging my sister and I to a marathon of wrangling their care, personal affairs and finances.

It wasn’t all bad… 2001 was  a year of travel, music, making new friends, renewing old friendships and receiving an unbelievable amount of support and generosity from them all.  For that, I am truly grateful.

2012- The End is Near:  According to the Mayan calender, 2012 is the end… the end of what, nobody knows. I am hopeful that it’s the end of pain, misery, misfortune and disappointment.

I am ready for a fresh start. I’ve decided that 2012 is going to be the year of taking care of myself… my body, my spirit and my soul. Many friends have offered me a retreat, so don’t be surprised if I take you up on it.

I’ve successfully placed my Mom and Dad in elder-care homes. I found them each safe, affordable places that can meet their individual needs. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders, my back and my mind. I know they will be better cared for. It will also allow my sister to return to her family in Japan.

My disability benefits were decreased so I am learning to live on less than $1000 a month. The affordable solution is to move into my parent’s house at the end of January. I  will renovate the house in preparation to sell in a couple of years. I loving having a project… step one will be an estate sale this month.

That also means, the Biscuit and I will finally have a place we can call home. The Biscuit will have a room to himself… the first time since we moved from Pacific Grove 14 months ago. It will be good for both us.

I am also addressing my physical pain. Although my work injury (shoulder) still causes me chronic pain, I am halfway through the rehab treatment of my neck. I am hopeful we’ll see the results on the X-ray. Because I am losing my health benefits this month, I am considering forfeiting disability to search for a new job that won’t aggravate my injury.

I’ve learned a lot about elder care, retirement funds, power of attorney (POA), escrow, social security and family trusts. That’s a good thing because the job of caring for my parents is far from over. As the POA, I am responsible for making their financial nest egg last as long is as needed for their care.

Looking Forward: I hope to travel this year. I’ve been saving my airline miles with hopes of taking the Biscuit to visit my sister and her family in Japan this spring.


The Biscuit and I are also making plans for Burning Man in the summer. I hope to form a healthy working relationship with my ex-husband so we can provide The Biscuit with every thing he needs.

Overall, I am feeling hopeful for a year that doesn’t suck. I have lofty goals for myself but I am feeling inspired, with a fresh dose of motivation.

4 Replies to “2012: The Beginning of the End”

  1. You are loved, Judi. Thanks for sharing your goals. I look forward to all of us having a wonderful and successful 2012. It will be a new beginning.

  2. Dedication, perserverance and especially love always pays off sooner or later. You have an ample amount of each.

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