A Release of Energy

When I first saw the movie Avatar, I loved it… mostly because of it’s philosophy on life. I love the idea of saying “I see you”, as in, “I see you your soul, your spirit”.

One thought that has always stuck with me is… “All energy is only borrowed and one day, you have to give it back”. I do believe that. That’s why I love String Theory… because it’s based on everything being strings of energy, including us.

I am certain we are all connected on some level. Like most people, I’ve experienced deja vu, ESP and other unexplained phenomena. When I lived in So Cal, I’d call my mom (before caller-ID) and she’d answer the phone and say “Hi Judi”.

My son, The Biscuit was with his dad in Napa over the weekend. Just about the time my dad passed away in Fairfield early Saturday morning, Biscuit woke up feeling nauseated and ill. When I spoke to my ex-husband a half-hour later, I told him my dad has passed. He wasn’t surprised at the time of his passing. The Biscuit has a very sensetive soul, an old soul. He is so empathic so I am certain it was not coincidence.

Last night, my long-time friend Lucy was talking to her long-time friend Lee, who was reminiscing about running for County Supervisor in the 80’s. All of a sudden Lee was talking about this man who helped her during her campaign… he was Hispanic and his daughters were in Minnesingers. A light went on in Lucy’s head  and she said “last name Morales?” Lee responded, “Yeah! Al !” and proceeded to tell Lucy about how he helped her put up campaign signs. My dad was always involved in political campaigns.

Lee was our neighbor, we grew up with her kids. We all worked on her campaign and even rode in her car for the 4th of July Parade. My sister Clare had her pinky slammed in Lee’s door that day, so the last time we saw Lee, we just waved a pinky at her to identify ourselves.

Over the years, we had lost track of Lee and her family. I had no idea that she was Lucy’s friend. Lucy said she will always wonder what energy was in the air to make Lee mention my dad that on THIS day, since she’s known her for years and never knew the connection.

Like Lucy, I believe in energy transference and the quantum physical relation between us all. When my dad’s energy was released into the Universe, Lee’s radar picked it up so the memory was sparked.

It’s actually quite simple. Energy never really dies… it just changes form, transfers and moves on. Lucy is right, it’s kind of neat to see it happen. Thank you Lucy for sharing this. It’s nice to know my dad’s energy is out there.

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