Dad’s Departure

When my phone rang at 5:45 this morning, I knew it could mean only one thing. My dad, Alfredo Morales, had passed away this morning. He was living in an assisted living home. His caretaker said he looked very peaceful.

When I took my mom to say good-bye to him yesterday, it was obvious he was in pain. He was not responsive but it was obvious he was hurting. I’m so glad Mom had a chance to see him.

My dad was a pilot of small planes. He just loved to fly. When we were kids, he spent all his spare time flying, just for fun. We once flew his Cessna all the way to Texas to see his family. We kept getting grounded due to summer thunder storms so it took us twice as long to get there… but it was an adventure. When I lived in Orange county, he would fly down to meet me for lunch.

It’s obvious, he loved being in the sky, and who could blame him. The view from the sky is amazing. It puts things in perspective. When Dad developed Alzheimer’s, he had to quit flying. The funny thing is, he’d forget he couldn’t fly anymore and offer to take friends for a flight.

When he was still cognitive, he would talk about flying a lot. He’s been sitting on the runway for some time, waiting for take-off.  I’m certain his soul is flying high now.

I am not a morning person but I have to admit, I am enjoying this beautiful morning. I am feeling at peace with Dad’s departure and am certain he will enjoy his journey.

2 Replies to “Dad’s Departure”

  1. Judes, my dad is now 87 and living with cancer. He was also a private pilot in Orange County and even had a flight school called the Red Baron Flying Club at the OC airport. He loved flying, and we also took many trips…a favorite was a pop over to Catalina for lunch. Anyway, I was down last month and we were cleaning out drawers and cabinets. We found all of his old books where he logged his flight hours. I took the first one home with me. I know at some point, I will be very happy I have that. I know you even better now, girl. :o)

  2. HeyJudi,when I was over there last month,it was a real treat to see him again after all these years.I remember one time out of the blue,he took me flying one time and we flew over the bay area,and he let me fly for a little bit.Then he told me he’d teach me how to fly, and all I’d have to do is pay for the fuel.I was never able to take him up on it.My loss.I’ve always liked his “high” (no pun intended…yes it was) energy,and “up”(gosh another one) beat way he had about him.I’ve always loved Al and “Ma” since I first met you guys.Gonna miss him.Thanks.Luv Ya. <3<3

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