Exhaling Behind the Wheel

Sometimes a change of scenery… really can change your perspective. My truck Dusty and I just got home today from a road trip. I hade a very important doctor’s appointment in Castroville, so I took the opportunity to visit friends and take some time off.

Once my appointment was over, a funny thing happened… I relaxed for the first time in months. I wasn’t thinking about IRA’s, POA’s or the IRS. It’s amazing how much better our senses work when the brain is not bogged down with stuff, worries and to-do lists.

Although I lived in Pacific Grove for five years, I don’t remember it looking so lush and beautiful. The giant Cypress, Pine and Oak trees dripped gracefully with Spanish Moss, deer daintily grazed along side the road and the ocean playfully splashed against the miles of beach surrounding PG. The whole place looks like a  postcard.

My friends had no lack of entertainment in store for me including; Mardi Gras (don’t ask), bowling, karoeke, pajama party, a Muppet birthday, the Academy Awards, some good old fashioned chillin’ and lots of sleeping in. Delicious!

If you know me, you know I love the color apple-green, of which I got plenty this week. The drive from Pacific Grove through Monterey to Capitola was equally breathtaking.

Moss Landing’s carpet of artichoke fields welcomed Dusty and I as we drove north. I drove with Dusty’s windows open during the drive up to take in the salt air and scent of green fields. 

Cruising up the coast from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay was amazing… Devil’s slide offers a contrast of jagged rocks, high cliffs and deep blue ocean. As I drove the final leg from Half Moon Bay to San Francisco today, I savored every minute of ocean views and sang at the top of my lungs the whole way.

On my way through the East Bay, I treated myself to a quick trip to Ikea and Body Time for my favorite scent China Rain. As I crossed the Carquinez bridge today, the $5  East Bay cover charge (bridge toll) was worth much more today.

Thank you Nura, Katy, Robin, Tony, Tee, Ace, Steph, Joe and Gina for your hospitality and giving me the chance to exhale.

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