Juggling Chainsaws

I’ve always been fascinated by those guys who juggle chainsaws. It must be a thrill to master such a dangerous skill. I’m sure the potential danger makes it even more exciting for the juggler and the spectators. One minute you’re a juggling rock-star, the next you’re in a Monty Python skit with an arm off.

I’ve been juggling a lot of projects lately…  sadly not chainsaws. Up in the air right now I have my Mom’s health care and financial acronyms; ER, Rx, IRS, POA, IRA, VA & SS. Toss in to that my own Workers Comp buffet of insurance companies, attorneys, documents and QME reports. Now lets add some flaming divorce proceedings, custody and financial machetes.

To make it more fun, I’ve added some Burning Man projects (Earth Guardians Burning Manopoly art project and Black Rock Scouts) and continued home repair projects.

Now I’ve  got one hot act. Amidst all the excitement, some days I feel like I’m being tested. I swear I look over my shoulder, looking for the Hunger Games  or reality TV camera crew.

I know that at any point I could lose a limb, burn myself or break something, so I just stay focused on keeping it all in the air. When things do go wrong, all I can do is laugh and say… “It’s just a flesh wound.” 

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