Beauty in the Breakdown

It’s curious how quickly one’s situation can turn. One minute you’re cruising along Hwy 1, the most beautiful stretch of Northern California coast with the perfect companion… the next minute you’re waiting for a tow truck in the East Bay, in the rain.

While to the two scenarios contrast greatly, it’s still possible to enjoy each one.

Being a castaway in the East Bay is not a bad thing… if you have good peeps. I’ve always thought that tow-truck drivers should wear Super-hero capes. Our driver Dwight towed Dusty and I to safety and shared some deep words of encouragement.

My friend and campmate Ray came to my rescue me (even though I was a moving target) and delivered me to enjoy a tasty meal with delicious company (Britt, Loki, Scott, Kate & Jerry). I was also given the opportunity to hang with Britt and Loki before they set out for their 3-month walk-about.

If had not been waiting for Dusty’s diagnosis, I wouldn’t have been able to spend a whole day with my girlie Britt, to enjoy eggs benedict, sip tea, shop for RV parts and exotic seasonings and be gifted witty tee shirts.

Even though I ended up having Dusty towed back home to my trusty mechanic Victor, I truly enjoyed the good company on the ride home with David my tow truck driver. By the end of the cold windy day, I was so grateful for the pick-up by my dear friend Tom.

I have some seriously great peeps in my world. Thank you to everyone who got me home safe. Regardless of the situation, it’s nice to know I will always find my way home, with a little help from friends and the kindness of strangers. I may even find a little quality time and adventure along the way.

When things go wrong, it’s natural to want to sink, struggle and say “grrr”. I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to “let go… ’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown. 

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