Free-range and Feral

I’ve been on a journey for the past two years. I’ve had multiple life-changing challenges thrown at me, it’s been like living in a Zombie movie. Because of my work injury, I am limited as to what I can and can not do physically. I live with chronic pain so I have had to find ways to be productive despite my limitations. I’ve got to admit, it’s been challenging.

My outlet has been my travels. I drive a lot lately for various reasons; to see my mom at her care home, to spend time with the Biscuit, to appointments related to my injury, to Burning Man prep events and to visit friends (who keep my spirits up).

Since I am spending a lot of time with Dusty (my truck), she’s become a haven for me… my home on wheels. I always have what I need within her frame.

There was a time when I hated driving (when I lived in LA)… but now, I have to admit I’m enjoying it. Driving allows me time to myself, to think, to listen to music and enjoy the scenery. I am loving the new horizons I find each trip.

The only downside is, all this driving aggravates my shoulder injury… grrr. I’ve taken to traveling with a heating pad… pathetic I know, but it helps. I hate getting older.

So… what I have learned from journey is…

I am really more interested in the journey than the destination. It turns out, I am happiest as a free-range ferel animal. I adapt easily and was domesticated for a long time… so I honestly feel lucky to have been set free. It’s something that I would have not done for myself.

Dusty takes good care of me so I am taking good care of her so we can continue our adventure together. I can honestly say, I hope this journey never ends.

I hope to see you all around the next bend.

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