My First Blog on the Burning Man Site

I’m kinda stoked. Two years ago I started Black Rock Scouts (a youth program for Burning Man kids) with and idea, no money and a little gumption.

Until just a few months ago, I was on my own coordinating the program, but now BRS has amazing support from the Burning Man Org. This is better than I could have hoped for, especially since I thought  BRS might turn to dust.

I’ve joined two Departments at Burning Man; Earth Guardians and Gate, so I knew I would not be able to manage all three. I put a call out for a new leader and was blessed with Jay Marlette who is taking BRS to whole new level.

This has given me time to focus on other projects with Burning Man. I was asked to become a blogger on the site, specifically about Burner kids. My first blog went live today. 

If you know me, Burning Man is a big part of my life… so for me, this is like getting published in the New York Times.

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