Color Me Happy

Some people do yoga, some power walk, others do a that crazy hot-pepper- lemon cleanse.

Me… my therapy lately is color. Sure, there are lots of other healthier ways to sooth one’s soul, but color is so tasty and so instant. It makes me smile.

It started with the painting of my kitchen. At first, I was worried the bright Indian Yellow would be too bold, but now I absolutely love it.

Since then I’ve been spontaneously throwing paint around, coloring my hair and reaching for bright colors in my closet. I’ve been down with a cold the past few days and I’ve been trying to take it easy so I sat myself down and organized my thread… you guessed it, by color.

Thank you Ray for building me the wonderful thread trays.

I visit the paint and garden department at hardware stores just for fun and inspiration. These days I can easily spot places in my life that need color… like my 1970’s old-school beige house telephone. It’s now very blue and much happier.

I’ve been having fun shifting color around the house. I am having fun mixing colorful things.

Maybe I’ve become a color addict  but I swear it’s working… I’ve lost 7 pounds, I’m sleeping better and I have fewer aches and pains. I know it’s probably all in my head, but isn’t that where color lives anyway?

Once I finish the inside of the house, I want to paint the lumber rack on Dusty (my truck), I’m considering black  & yellow stripes. Don’t tell her, it’s a surprise.

2 Replies to “Color Me Happy”

  1. Oh how beautiful! you are obviously having fun in your home and I so love that, me too. You also seem to be getting away a lot which is so greatly needed Im sure after taking care of your parents. Hey can I still get you interested in coming down for a weekend and teaching in the studio. Call me when you have time so we can talk about it or if you have other encaustic teachers in mind. Maybe Lissa? cell 831 645-9462 studio 831 277-9605 xo Kim

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