It’s Gettin’ Cold & I’m Gettin’ Busy

Okay, I confess. I haven’t finished my Burning Man clean up, I’ve got leaves to rake in my yard and a kitchen to finish painting.

Fortunate for me, I’ve got a bad case of the creative bug. Without guilt, I am moving on to my Fall projects. Being creative feels healthy… it energizes me in a way that motivates me to get shit done, even the stuff I don’t want to do. (Yes laundry, I am talking about you.)

Right now I am making Halloween Costumes. I’m so excited to be making the Biscuit a Doctor Who costume. He always gives me fun challenges. I think my favorite was the “9” costume I made a few years ago.

I am also making costumes for friend so if you need something made, contact me soon.

Also on my sewing table are fuzzy Fuzzy Hats and Clip-on Tails, in anticipation of holiday gift giving. 

My studio is a mess of muppet fur, fabric and notions. If you have sewing projects and need some inspiration, now is a good time to come sew with me!

In my backyard, I’ve got Succulent Tea Gardens on my work table. I’ve got a plan to offer these little gems to business owners as client/employee gifts or banquet center pieces. If you have a work party to plan this holiday season, keep these in mind. They’re made with reclaimed dish-ware and very affordable.

I’ve inherited my mom’s arthritis that seems to be settling into my knees and hips, even my fingers are getting stiff. It’s reeking havoc with my shoulder injury.

Lucky for me, being creative is therapeutic. It distracts me from focusing on my chronic aches and pains, which only worsen as the thermometer drops.

My favorite cure is curling up with sock-critter, needle and thread and hot spiced cider with rum. Meow.

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