Utila-Bustles…. the Next Big Thing!

My Hottie-Kilts from years past.

If you are familiar with my playa wear creations, you may remember my  Hottie Kilt… a utility kilt for women.  This was my own design, made from scratch. I wanted something functional and stylish, but making a kilt from scratch takes about 8 hours. That combined with using new materials made these kilts expensive. 

Fast forward a few years… and voila!

Utilabustle made of Upcycled clothing and neckties
Utila-Bustle made of Upcycled clothing

Now that I am into upcycling old clothing and fabrics into Steampunk clothing, I’ve been making Utila-Bustles out of used clothes and home linens. The belt loop design makes the size adjustable. Like the Hottie Kilt, the Utila-Bustle has a strong belt, a pocket and D-rings to clip on your gear.

I am having so much fun with these, each one is totally unique. I’m making them as fast as I can. I may still have a few on my Esty shop. 

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